2″ Stacking Cooler Tray for Engel 80


Trays are available in 2.3 inches and 4 inches deep, and make it easy for any angler to properly store and keep fresh a variety of rigged baits, including whole ballyhoo or even rigged strip baits. Our deeper 4-inch deep trays will accommodate frozen boxes of sardines, squid, swimming mullet, Spanish mackerel and chum. Using a design where interlocking trays conduct cold from one tray to the next, bait stays cold and dry all day in the sun. This system uses less deck space and ice than conventional bait tray systems. Dead baits need to be stored properly to maintain their good looks, and their deadly effectiveness. ALL trays are stack-able/interlocking temperature conductor from one bait tray to the next bait tray Corrosion resistant Designed for easy clean up and storage Easily and properly store fresh/frozen baits Light weight, durable and easy to clean Long lasting in salt water environment option of adding a cutting board that sits on the top of the bait tray. Engel cutting boards are made of quality dense starboard plastic material. Designed to fit perfectly into the corresponding sized white Engel bait tray. If you have prepared food or bait, and do not want to get it hot or dried out in the sun, simply place the cutting board and its contents into your cooler.

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27.5 x 11 x 2.4


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