DRE Hand Wash


This compact hand wash station takes very little space up and is a must on all river trips. Be safe and sanitize. Don’t be the one to get your whole group sick. ***buckets sold separately

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The Down River Hand Wash Station is hands down the best hand washing system available on the market. Built by Down River, the Hand Wash Station is a must-have for over-night river trips. The spout is fastened to the bucket with the use of a machined aluminum block allowing for an adjustable spout (up to 6.5in over bucket) and filtered in-take. Stack the buckets one on top of the other to avoid squatting down to wash your hands. This system is designed to easily setup and breakdown. All the components fit inside the mesh bag and are protected inside the bucket, making it extremely portable and easy to fasten to a boat. We recommend having one at the kitchen and another at the groover, to keep everyone happy and healthy in the back-country. Step-up your river camping and upgrade to a Down River Hand Wash Station! ***buckets sold separately


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