Classic 64 oz DrinkTank

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The Better Beer Growler…..

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Why buy DrinkTanks growlers and keg caps over the other growlers for sale? Well, they’ve been called the “Rolls Royce of Beer Growlers”. And we have nine more reasons listed below.

  • High Quality Food Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
    You’ll never have that nasty metallic taste you may find when drinking from other growlers.

  • First Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Growler with a Leak-Proof Cap
    Prevents your frothy beverage from leaking all over your car or in your backpack on a long hike. Your growler won’t sweat either.

  • Keeps Your Beer Ice Cold for 24 Hours or Your Coffee Piping Hot for 12 Hours
    Say goodbye to warm beer and cold coffee unless you prefer it that way. DrinkTanks® Growlers are not just for beer. Try with tea, kombucha, sangria, wine, champagne, soda… anything!

  • Leak-Proof and CO2 Escape-Proof Cap
    The DrinkTanks cap is where all of the fizzy magic happens. Our growler lids prevent liquids and CO2 from escaping by holding it up to 60 psi making them completely leak-proof.

  • BPA Free
    All DrinkTanks products and accessories are completely free of BPA. We like to keep our customers as safe as possible from harmful chemicals so BPA (Bisphenol A) is not present in any of our products.

  • Lifetime Warranty & Built By Hand in Bend, Oregon
    All DrinkTanks® products and accessories are designed and assembled in Bend, Oregon, USA with the utmost care and quality. Cheers to the good ol’ red, white and blue!

    • No other growlers have a keg cap quite like this
      The Keg Cap Accessory Kit is a unique system developed and patented by DrinkTanks to charge and dispense carbonated beverages to turn your DrinkTanks into a growler keg. Turn your beer growler into a mini keg! The keg kit comes with extra CO2 cartridges which will charge your beer growler 10 psi with one click. And when you run out, you can purchase them here or at any restaurant supply or specialty cooking stores.

    • The Exclusive Kegulator Auto-Regulating Keg Cap
      Our Kegulator, the newest addition to the DrinkTanks family of keg caps, keeps your growler pressurized and has a handy dispensing tap. This incredible technology allows you to control the pressure for any beverage ranging from 0-40 psi. Say goodbye to manually adding CO2 to your growler and hello to fresh, fizzy beer for weeks.

    • The Largest Beer Growler in the World
      Meet The Juggernaut, a whopping 128 oz growler made by hand in Bend, Oregon by DrinkTanks. You’ll be able to quench the thirst of an entire party with this monster beer growler.


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