Demo Maravia New Wave 1, kiwi

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She took a little spin back east but needs a new place to call home.  Fun fast and nimble – a perfect addition to your family – don’t miss out adopt today!

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All New Waves are built with construction identical to Williwaws, except that they have 3 main air chambers instead of 4. Now comes with 4 handles.

The New Wave 1 is great for 4-6 paddlers. Each New Wave has attachments for three thwarts and comes standard with two. The flat one-piece self-bailing floor is six inches thick with drop
stitch cores. This New Wave comes with 3 thwarts!

Length: 12’6”, Tube Diameter: 17”, Width: 6′, Self Bailing Floor – Reliable, rugged, and a reasonable price!


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