Firepan Ground Cloth by FSP


Perfect for use as a ground cloth under an approved firepan.

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Perfect for use as a ground cloth under an approved firepan. Measuring 60 x 72″, it provides a generous zone of protection around even the large firepans used by recreationists such as river runners. Firepan Ground Cloths use Fire-Sil, a composite heat resistant fabric. Fire-Sil will withstand glowing embers that fall from the firepan, but embers and burning wood should be put back into the firepan as soon as possible. Fires should not be built directly on this product, as prolonged exposure to live flames will degrade the fabric and shorten its lifetime (In an emergency, a small, short duration fire could be built on 3-4 inches of sand mounded on top of the ground cloth.) Used as intended, a Firepan Ground Cloth will give years of use, easing the chore of cleaning up around a firepan.


Fireproof Ground Cloths sold by Forest Safety Products, Inc. are intended to extend a zone of protection around a properly constructed and maintained campfire. Forest Safety Products, Inc explicitly discourages their use for fire control or personal protection. Always remove combustible materials from the area under the campfire and for a distance around the campfire equal to twice its dimension. BE FIRE WISE – Keep a shovel and bucket of water nearby put out unwanted fires. Never leave fires unattended. KEEP A CLEAN CAMP – Clean the campsite and dispose of ashes and unburnt charcoal according to the regulations of the area you are using.


Material: Fire-Sil flame retardant fabric
Dimensions: 5′ x 6′, 30 sq. ft
Weight: 3.5 lbs.


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