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Grand Canyon River Guide Belknap
Topos to 288 mi. of the Colorado River, Lees Ferry to Lake Mead; natural history, photos, mile-by-mile features, river lore, geology

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All NEW Edition with 16 additional pages!

This waterproof Grand Canyon river guide details 288 miles of the Colorado River from Lees Ferry, Arizona to Lake Mead. Highly detailed and easy-to-read river maps help river runners find campsites, side hikes, and rapids. Illustrated sections on geology, natural history and archaeology of the Grand Canyon are written by experts in these fields.

Trip enrichment sections including a photo workshop and a section on how rivers and rapids work. Dramatically illustrated with full color diagrams and photographs. This Grand Canyon river map contains 112 pages.

Written by Buzz Belknap & Loie Belknap Evans


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