NRS MaverIK 2


Great for the whole family!

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Great for the whole family! A durable, quality boat for one or two paddlers, the MaverIK II™ is a favorite for anyone who wants a stable, fast and maneuverable inflatable kayak.

Designed symmetrically, it functions equally well for tandem or solo paddling. Single paddlers can turn the boat around and stow gear for self-contained tripping.

The MaverIK II™ is lightweight, easy to carry and travels well.
Repair kit included.



Length: 12’5″
Width: 35.5″
Weight: 46 lbs.
Tube Diameter: 11″
Thwart Diameter: 10.5″
KickRocker (BowStern): 18″
Number of Air Chambers: 5
Valve Type: Leafield C-7 & Pressure Relief
Weight/Denier of Tube Fabric: 41/1100
Weight/Denier of Floor Fabric: 41/1100
Number of D-Rings: 2
Number of Handles: 2
Warranty: 10 Year Retail, 5 Year Commercial


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