Pins & Clips Set


Set includes 1 pins, 1 clips, 2 hose clamps and 1 stirrup.

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With this rowing system, a steel clip is strapped to the oar shaft. It fits over a Thole Pin fastened in the rowing frame’s oarlock stands.

The oar can rotate around the pin, but the blade is held vertical, which demands less attention from the rower, an advantage for beginners as well as big water rowers.

Set includes 1 pins, 1 clips, 2 hose clamps and 1 stirrup.

Ball screws onto the top end to hold the clip in place, but can loosen with use, so check before each use and carry a spare.

Stirrups(sold separately, item#0364) are flexible plastic, fit over the Thole Pin and bend around the clip, providing a protective housing that keeps your oar and its clip close to the pin if it gets knocked off.


Clips are also plated steel, attach to a 1 7/8″ diameter oar shaft with hose clamps.

Thole Pins are 5/8″ zinc-plated steel, with a 3/4″ stainless steel sleeve and a 2″ threaded plastic ball on the end.


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