Pride Camo Cascade Trucker Cap


Our new hottest item in our exclusive Cascade River Gear line-up. Rep your favorite whitewater state along with your favorite river gear company.

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Pride Camo™ was created to ignite your passion for Idaho and provide an outlet via cool and unique camo patterns for you to “rep” Idaho. We at Pride Camo™ are the first and ONLY company to have copyrights from the United States Copyright Office for utilization of state outlines to develop camo patterns for all 50 states. Starting with Idaho we are teaming with great companies who have a passion for both Idaho and creating quality apparel, products, and custom wraps. Utilizing our proprietary Idaho camo patterns, and the camo patterns of the other 50 states, to generate new, exciting and prideful product lineups.

About Pride Camo:
Pride Camo™ is a custom camo pattern design company based in Boise, Idaho. A sincere pride in where we were raised and currently reside is at the root of this company which got its start when one of our founding members came up with the idea to randomly distribute Idaho state outlines in order to generate a custom camo pattern for snowmobile or ATV decals. The first snowmobile wrap turned out wonderful, from a short distance you are unable to tell it’s not just a random camo pattern, it’s actually hundreds of small outlines of the State of Idaho artfully crafted together to generate a pattern anyone from the Gem State would be proud to rep and Pride Camo™ was born.​​


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