Smoker Bandit Oars W/S


The SMOKER Bandit continues a legacy of the highest quality, rugged and now lightweight professional-grade oars for our global network of professional fishing guides. Our pro anglers row over 1,000 strokes per river mile, sweeping the river for the perfect catch. A proprietary blend of carbon twill reinforced with tough fiberglass delivers ideal flex and feel on every stroke.


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SMOKER Bandit blades are handcrafted with the toughest materials known to whitewater.

For the longest life and best performance, package these beauties with legendary Cobra Oar Locks. Cobras provide the highest range of motion while protecting the shaft in extreme conditions.

Tough and light carbon fiber oar shaft
Carbon reinforced solid Ash wood core blade for incredibly light swing weight & durability
Note: Blades are specific to this oar. Will not fit MX or Polecat oar shafts.
Solid Ash barrel grip w/black vinyl grip covers
Comes standard w/red rope wrap, rubber stop
Interchangeable blades via TiteSet Blade Lock -solid, fail safe connection that won’t rattle or jam
Available Lengths: 8′ to 10’ (overall length)
Shaft diameter: 1 5/8″ I.D.
Bandit blade dimensions:
Standard: 6.5” W x 24” L
Shoal Cut: 7.5” W x 24” L (measured at the belly)
Weight: 4.5lbs (whole 9’ Oar)


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