Used Streamtech Salmonfly 2021


This 2021 Maravia/Streamtech Salmonfly has only been on the water a handful of times and very minimally used. It has numerous “birthmarks” along the underside near the floor and several spots inside the raft. These cosmetic irregularities occur during the encapsulation process when the urethane is sprayed-on. There are roughly a dozen but they have no impact on quality, performance or warranty. Act quickly because the odds of finding a used Salmonfly raft (especially this new) is comparable to winning the lottery. This might just be your lucky day!

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The Salmonfly includes our engineered bow to stern rocker that brings fantastic rowing performance to inflatables. The hull glides out on the water’s film, spins effortlessly and just plain rows really good. It carries heavy loads, drafts shallow and offers a three cargo bay frame design allowing a broad array of configuration possibilities.

The Salmonfly is that “one” boat you need for drift fishing on all the classic streams, drift fishing on the really rough streams, week long expeditions in wild rapid strewn wilderness areas and even class V paddle rafting adventures. It truly bridges the gaps between all the river boats and gives you the ability to do it all with a single boat. 


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