CTR 2020 3rd place grand prize winner ($1,000 Cascade Cash)

Laura Vajcovec

How does the photo you are submitting capture your love for the river?

“My love for the river all started because of my wonderful boyfriend of 4 years. He’s been a guide for Action Whitewater adventure for over 5 years and water basically runs through his blood. He’s an amazing man who gives his whole heart and soul in whatever he does and is passionate about river rafting. This summer I had the opportunity to take my camera on a few trips down the Main Salmon and I came home with, what I feel like, are some of the best photos I’ve taken. This is one of my favorites, captured with a Sony A7iii, and edited using Lightroom; I feel like this moment captures the wild spirit and essence of the river. It’s amazing how one shot can make you feel so much. Every time I look at it I can feel the water again and my heart racing in excitement. Here one finds their center again, and the magic of the water always draws you back. This contest I found by accident but now think it was meant to be. My boyfriend and I have recently spoke of getting married and getting a boat of our own and he teases but says there’s no other place he’d want to propose. No pressure Cascade River Gear but help a girl out. 😉 Anyway thanks for giving me an excuse to share some of my work. I’d love to take more photos of more adventures especially with a boat of our own.”

Photo Location | Main Salmon, ID