National Stream Flows

The Colorado Paddler’s Resource

Washington Fly Fishing Providing fly anglers with information specific to Washington State.

Whitewater Campsites: Whitewater Campsites is a photo-catalog of campsites on wild and scenic white water rivers. Each campsite is its own photo album.

Idaho River Rescue, based in Boise, is dedicated to providing the best in swift water rescue training and education for everyone who works or plays on or around flat, flowing or swift water. Train to be as dynamic as the rivers you run.

Shuttles – Generated by Idaho Whitewater Association, this list helps boaters find a suitable shuttle service for their river trip.

Emergency Phone Numbers : Another list generated by Idaho Whitewater Association with emergency phone numbers that will work for a specific areas and rivers.

Forest Service Information: Found at, this link gives you a list of forest service facilities in the area.