Week 2 $100 Cascade Cash Winner

Colt Maule

How does the photo you are submitting capture your love for the river?

“We have donned every article of clothing we have with us to defend ourselves against the furious blizzard that engulfs our river corridor. Steady winds gust to 50 mph and a foot of snow enshrouds the landscape. We serpentine through the canyon as I steadily battle the shifting wind, rowing in every direction to continue down river. Visibility is limited to 20 feet and ice gathers on my oars as they dip in and out of the tumultuous water. Our fingertips and toes grow numb but our hearts glow with warmth, for this is why we venture outside; to be part of life and full of life.

It isn’t everyday we get to navigate a river in a blizzard, a memory frozen in my mind forever.”

Photo Location | Smith River, MT