25′ CRG Dragonfly Tarp


From the rain at Lochsa River Madness to the sunshine on the Selway, this tarp did it all! Set it up with oars, heavy duty poles or tie it up to a tree. Includes 6 stakes, 6 -20’ Cam loop straps, stuff sack and 6 stainless steel rings on each corner.

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Dragon Fly tarps are designed and built in Idaho by whitewater enthusiasts so you can enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather. Take cover under the well designed Dragon Fly Tarps and enjoy the protection it provides. Dragon Fly tarps are designed to be a light weight shelter that utilizes equipment that a rafter would have on hand such as 1″ cam straps and oars. The 25′ Dragon Fly I is our largest tarp and has a span of 25 feet x 20 feet when pitched and rolls up to a 8″x8″x20″ package that weighs approximately 13 pounds. The tarps are constructed out of 1.9 ounce rip-stop nylon that has a urethane coating for water resistance and have corners and trim that help to strengthen the tarp. The ends of the tarp have steel rings and 1″ cam buckles that increase the tarps holding power while pitched and are superior to cord and rope in anchoring the tarp.


25′ x 20′
450 sf
15 lbs
Includes: the tarp, 6 stakes, 6 -20’ Cam loop straps and a stuff sack.

4 reviews for 25′ CRG Dragonfly Tarp

  1. thereverendkirk@gmail.com

    Easy set-up tarp, but for almost $700 you would expect something with sealed seams that did not leak, all cam-buckles to be sewn on in the right direction (they got 2 out of 6 backward) and strap material that did not start to rip on first use..

    • Cascade

      Hi There, Will you please give us a call so we can get you taken care of! I have been using my Dragon Fly for two seasons and it doesn’t leak and is excellent in all aspects, we don’t want you being rained on under your tarp and we want you to be happy with your product. Kindly, Renee 800-223-7238

  2. sterlingacree

    We love our tarp and use it all over the place, not just the river. The rainfly keeps us dry in the rain and cool in the sun. It’s the first thing that goes up when we pull into camp for the evening. We put it up over the kitchen area to make sure the cooks have shade in the afternoon sun. FYI: In response to the first reviewer, the cam-buckles are supposed to be sewn on in two different directions so you can reach the buttons and release the straps from below. Our straps have no issues and have been staked into the ground and been tied around trees, rocks, and logs (depending on available tie down locations).

  3. kaborrowman@gmail.com

    I liked this so much I bought a second one. This sets up using your oars for the poles. I went with a special order dark navy blue. It creates a deeper, cooler shade than the royal blue by about 10°. This shelter paired with a few sand mats is all I take on river trips. The owner Matt is great to work with and takes great care to support his product, even seam sealing my first dragonfly. Now all flys come seam sealed. This is great for shade, wind, and rain. It is my most prized camping possession. I’m so glad I found this.

  4. davidrsterling

    Bought for an expected rainy raft trip on the Tatshenshini. However, that trip we were blessed with hot and sunny days, so sunny we needed shade at our gravel bar camps while working on scenic overload of the sites. That was summers past, for this Covid summer, since Canada is scared of American rafters in their wilderness, we have used on numerous rainy Alaska rivers to enjoy the sites. All good. Really need 2 people to set up. Works great up to about 40 mph winds. Hunker down after that. Numerous configurations. Makes for a great backyard event shelter.

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