4′ Length – Cam Loop Strap


Now with the New Roller Cam Buckle!

4′ Length – Roller Cam Loop Strap Set


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Now with the New Roller Cam Buckle!

The best way to hold a box or small cooler on a raft is with a Cam Loop Strap. Each end of one of these straps fastens at a separate location and buckles in the middle. Sewn-in loops fasten easily around a rowing frame member. Cam buckle end is 1′ long and the balance of the listed length is on the other side. Cam Loop Straps remain looped in position on the frame, so it is simple to re-attach gear when you’re reloading the raft.


Loop straps use 1″ navy polypro strap and the length is stamped into the side of the cam buckles!


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