85 Qt CRG Orion Cooler


Made in the USA by Jackson Kayaks with the high quality we demand.


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We’ve chosen a Cascade exclusive color scheme to brighten your craft! Made in the USA by Jackson Kayaks with the high quality we demand.
Rugged rotomolded shell, 2″ + of insulation, smart real-world sizing.

Every cooler comes standard with foam top, bottle opener on each corner, 6 tie down points, food tray and flashlight!
– Superior Ice retention. Bear tested, bears lost!
– Internal volume of the 85 quart is equal to a Yeti 110

Standard Features:

Standing Pad
6 Tie Down Points
4 Aluminum Bottle Opener Corners
Lockable/Certified Bear Resistant
Low Profile Camming Latches
Motorcycle Grip Carry Handles
Camo Colors
Rugged Rotomolded Shell
Best-in-class 2”+ of Insulation
Made in the USA
Smart, Real-World Sizing
Drain Plug
YakAttack Tracks / RAM Integration
Highly Functional Tray System
Sectional Divider/Cutting Board (optional)

Simply put, Orion Coolers offer you more than any other cooler with their standard features, by far.
Integrated Made in USA features to ensure that, out of the box, you get all you need.


Volume: 85 quarts really
Weight: 43 lbs
Width: 37″
Depth: 20.75″
Height: 17.5″

Measurements taken below the latch where the cooler would sit in a frame:
Width: 36.5″
Depth: 20″
Height: 17.5″


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