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airCap is a solar-powered, high-accuracy pressure gauge which is compatible with C7/D7 valves or Halkey Roberts/Summit 2 valves. It measures up to 20 psi, making it ideal for a range of inflatable craft including rafts, IKs, SUPs and RIBs.

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It’s called airCap, and it’s built for a Leafield C7/D7 valve or Halkey Roberts/Summit 2 valves. It functions just like a normal cap, but also displays chamber pressure up to 20 psi.

Efficient, solar-powered, battery free, long life operation. High visibility, easy to read LCD displays pressure to the one-hundredth of a psi.

It’s completely solar-powered and can be energized with a headlamp or flashlight. Performs in low-light at dusk and dawn.

The airCap gives rafters a better experience by empowering them with information, in order to maintain maximum performance, prevent over-inflation, and quickly identify potential problems such as air leaks.

Our rafting friends and colleagues have been super excited about the product and we hope that you’ll share their enthusiasm.

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  1. matthew.soden (verified owner)

    Works great even in low light. Gives great peace of mind that the inflatable is at the right pressure range.

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