AIRE Cub Raft


The Cub is a little raft with a BIG attitude. It excels in its element of R1-R3 rafting in rowdy and technical whitewater and was designed with ultimate playboating in mind.

*Thwarts not Included*

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We pushed the Cub’s limits out on the Gauley River in the fall of 2019. The boat was super nimble and exceeded all expectations. As with every AIRE boat, the Cub comes with our 10-year, no-fault warranty. If you’re looking to buy the ultimate playboat for small paddle teams or something to carry a light day rowing frame, the AIRE Cub is for you.

What makes the AIRE Cub Special?

  • Ultimate Play Boat: The AIRE Cub is 10’ 5” long, 5’ wide and weighs in at only 61 pounds. It surfs like nobody’s business and, with the right 2-3 person crew, it will give you the ride of your life on big water.
  • Quick Resurface Time: When you’re out playing in big water in a little boat, waves are going to come crashing over the top. The trick is getting the boat to resurface quickly enough so that you’re ready for whatever comes up next. The Cub’s 18” diameter tubes do just that.

*Thwarts not Included*


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