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Meet the West Slope Case, the ultimate thermal phone case. This floating phone case is built to withstand submersions down to 10 feet, impacts more than 20 feet, temperatures lower than -20 degrees and in excess of 120 degrees. The West Slope Case protects your battery from draining in the cold and from getting fried while out on the sun.

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The maximum recommended phone size is 6.5″ long by 4″ wide and .75″ thick. Our thermal phone case is not designed to be used with magnetic chargers Item contains strong rare earth magnets.

Thermal Protection – Stop your phone from overheating or dying in cold. Aerogel insulation provides unparalleled thermal performance in both extreme heat and extreme cold. Aerogel has the best thermally insulating value of any known insulation on Earth. If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for you.

Physical Protection – This phone case protects from all physical damage. It is 100% waterproof and submersible. Thanks to the IPX8 rating, this is also a floating phone case. Once again our Aerogel insulation is working hard here. This extremely dense material absorbs energy and shields from drops, impacts, and crushing forces. We’ve got the only thermal phone case that’s also a floating phone case and a bombproof phone case.

Elemental Protection – Our IPX8 rating guarantees that no water or dust particles can make ingress. By Radio Frequency welding our product shut with an airtight closure this is the most everything proof phone case you will find.

Webbing Loop – Our cell phone pouch sports a robust attachment device. This loop can lift up to 25 pounds right off the ground. This ensures maximum strength and is as robust as the rest of our product.

Lightweight – Big on protection but light on weight. This case is pretty light for everything it offers. The case floats, it blocks cold weather, is more than water resistant (try IPX8 rated), and so much more. At 3oz, you won’t even know it’s with you.

So go ahead and keep taking those chairlift selfies or rock your Standup Paddleboard Yoga, the West Slope Case is stoked to come along.

Photos show an iPhone 12 Pro With Case. The West Slope Case will fit all non “PLUS” sized phones with a case, and “PLUS” size phones without a case.


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