Drag Bag


The multi-purpose Drag Bag by NRS can cool your beverages at the river’s edge or behind your raft, or can be used to haul loose items up to camp, or even hang food up above the critters!

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Use the NRS Mesh Drag Bag to cool your beverages, lug loose items up to camp, hang food up above the critters – it’s a truly multi purpose tool!

  • We’ve reinforced the seams in the rugged heavy-duty mesh for maximum durability.
  • Its generous size, 11″ Dia x 22″ H, will pack a big load.
  • Snap a carabiner or HD Strap to the 1″ D-ring to attach it to your boat. Then use the strap or ‘biner to carry or hang the bag.
  • The top nylon portion, with a barrel-lock closure, is reinforced so the bag stands rigid for easy loading and unloading.


11″ Dia x 22″ H


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