Hala Atcha SUP


Freestyle your way down the local river, catching every wave along the way. A smaller version of the Atcha, the 86 is great for those wanting to surf in tighter pockets and is a perfect fit for smaller riders. This innovative design is exceptionally agile and persistent in whitewater. The patented Stompbox™ fin system allows for running the shallowest of rivers year-round. Hop on an Atcha 86. You’ll be amazed at how an 8’6”x 34” board IS enough.

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Length: 8’ 6”

Width: 34”

Thickness: 6”

Weight: 27 lbs

Volume: 269 L

Rider Capacity: Up to 350 lbs

Best For: Whitewater/downriver Playboard

Drop Stitch: double layer fusion dropstitch

Stiffening Tech: PVC Stringer

Center Fin: 4” Retractable StompFin™

Side Bite Fins: 2x – 4.5″ Side Bite Click Fins

Rigging: 6 soft & centralized Rigging Points

Deck Pad: Diamond Grove

Stomp Pad+Foot: Stomp Pad+Foot Index

Backpack: Backcountry Rolling Backpack

Speed: 5

Stability: 7



Warranty: 3 yrs


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