K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Guage


Kwik Check Pressure Gauge lets you know for sure if your boat is properly inflated.

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The K-Pump Kwik Check Pressure Gauge takes the guess work out of boat pressure. This lightweight, durable gauge works on many valves, so you only need to carry one gauge.

  • Large, high contrast display reads from 0 – 20 psi (0-1.4 bar) and is easy to read in all conditions.
  • This gauge must be in the valve while you read the gauge.
  • Lightweight construction and heavy-duty rubberized shell make this gauge very easy to handle, and it’s protected when banging around in your dry box.
  • Small tether hole on the adapter lets you leash it to the gauge to prevent loss.
  • The gauge has a screw in the tip that’s adjustable to depress the valve stem in order to get a pressure reading. It’s preset to work on Leafield and Halkey-Roberts valves. For other valves screw the depressor in or out.

Chapstick not included…showing size.


Dimensions: 4″L x 1.75″W



0 – 20 psi (0-1.4 bar) display
Rubberized outer shell


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