NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge


  • 0 – 20 psi (0 – 1.4 bar) dial display
  • Gauge tip fits Leafield C7, B7, & A7 valves, also military valves

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The NRS Mechanical Pressure Gauge helps you minimize the risk when inflating your boat and monitoring air pressure. This simple tool can save you a ton of headache and expense.

  • This easy to read, accurate gauge helps you keep your boat inflated to the optimal pressure.
  • Avoid costly blowouts by regularly checking your raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak, SUP board’s air pressure to prevent over-inflation.
  • The 0-20 psi capacity covers the widest range of inflatable craft.
  • The gauge will screw into the threaded port on the top of the handle of the NRS Wonder Pump 6, Item # 80010.01, for pressure readings while you pump.
  • Gauge tip fits Leafield and military valves. To use with other valves, such as Halkey-Roberts and Summit, add the K-Pump Kwik Check Gauge Adapter Tip, Item # 80084.01.
  • Adjust the length of the screw in the gauge’s tip for best contact with your valve’s center plunger.
  • Gauge tip must be in the valve for reading.


Dimensions: 4″L x 1.75″W



0 – 20 psi (0-1.4 bar) display
Rubberized outer shell


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