NRS Frame Anchor System with 2:1 Long Mast


Raise or lower your anchor seamlessly without leaving the guide seat or breaking a sweat. The multi-craft NRS Frame Anchor System with 2:1 can attach to rafting frame bars and drop rails and yokes on Catarafts. This system mounts easily and the 2:1 system enhances ease of operation.

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1 – Anchor Control System with Rope Jam Cleat
2 – Intermediate Pulley
1 – Anchor Mast
1 – U-bolt with nuts and washers
2 – Oversized U-bolts with nuts and washers

Three main components, a remote bracket with jam cleat and intermediate pulley, create a 2:1 mechanical advantage, halving anchor weight when dropped or lowered.
The stern pulley on the mast is slotted to allow for angle adjustment depending on the amount of kick the craft has. It is preset for maximum kick. For a flatter angle, loosen the bolt and nut and adjust to the desired angle and tighten.
Includes standard U-bolt and oversized U-bolt with nuts and washers.
The 31″ Long Mast with Forged LoPro Anchor System is a great addition to the Dodger Stern Seat Mount, Item #92016.03. The extra length extends the anchor comfortably past the stern of your Otter Fishing Dodger XL Raft. Includes the Anchor Control System and Intermediate Pulley for Forged LoPro.
Unlike previous anchor systems, this system works with both the older cast aluminum LoPros and current forged LoPros. The oversized U-bolt works best with the forged LoPros, while the standard U-bolt is best for the cast aluminum.
The intermediate pulley, item # 94047.01.100, is designed to nest on top of forged LoPros. For cast LoPro frames, simply U-bolt the intermediate to the siderail.
Rope and anchor sold separately.
We recommend 3/8″ double braided nylon anchor rope.

Refer to the instructions on how to assemble the 2:1 Anchor System on your watercraft.


Long Mast            26″ 13 3/4″ 1″ 31″


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