NRS Frame Foot Pegs


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Turn your standard NRS Frame Foot Bar into a Deluxe Foot Bar with the forged Foot Pegs. Forged aluminum pegs give you extra grip and stability when the water gets rough.

  • Pegs attach securely with our coined stainless steel U-bolts and nylon lock nuts.
  • Knurled surface prevents slipping in the wet boating environment.
  • Threaded end plug with O-ring seal creates a small waterproof storage container.
  • This is a great frame upgrade, especially for the whitewater boater.


Total length – 9 5/16″
Length beyond frame pipe – 7 7/8″
Length of knurled area – 5 1/2″
Diameter – 1 3/8″
Weight: Pair is 1.65 lbs.
Material: Aluminum
2 Forged Foot Pegs
2 U-bolts with nuts and washers


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