XD Dynelite Blades


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The DyneLite Oar Blade is the lightest whitewater proven blade made. Carbon fiber is laid over a laminated Douglas Fir core resulting in an oar blade that is stiff, super tough, and incredibly light. The edges are reinforced with our Dynel and Kevlar ProTip for extra protection against the rocks.


  • Carbon fiber and laminated Douglas Fir wood oar blade
  • Sealed and finished with the finest marine grade varnish.
  • TiteSet Blade Lock – solid, fail-safe connection to your oar that won’t silt up, rattle, or jam.
  • Comes standard with ProTip – super tough Dynel/Kevlar blade tip protection.


DyneLite Oar Blades with an extra layer of carbon fiber reinforcement and full perimeter Dynel/Kevlar ProTip protection. Available on Narrow and Wide styles only.


TiteSet mount options: 1 5/8″ or 1 3/4″ diameter
Compatible with our PoleCat and MX oar shafts as well as most other composite shafts.


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