Cataract SGG 10ft Counter Balanced Shaft with Rope Wrap & Stop


These Cataract SGG Oar Shafts have an internal counterbalance weight in the handle area. This offsets the weight of the blade and shaft past the oarlock for easy, low fatigue rowing. Oar shaft includes rope wrap and rubber stop. New handle with a notch!! Placing your thumb in the notch lets you know the orientation of the blade without taking your eyes off the path ahead.

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Composite shaft of fiberglass and graphite is light weight and responsive, a real pleasure to row with.

The Cataract SGG oar is filament wound from high-grade composite materials. In this case, from a specific fiberglass and carbon fiber blend that Cataract engineers developed for its combination of toughness, flexibility and resilience. Designed to flex like wood at a fraction of wood’s weight—and without the maintenance issues associated with wood—the SGG provides efficient transfer of your muscle energy into stroke power. Whether you’re rowing a drift boat, a cataraft or a big raft, you’ll feel the difference, especially in serious whitewater. These oars are practically indestructible, with more than twice the breaking strength of aluminum at only sixty percent of aluminum’s weight.

Shaft has a new smooth finish with a coating of clear urethane.

Priced here with shaft only so you can choose between Cataract Magnum blade, Carlisle Outfitter Blade or Sawyer Wood blade.

Push-button Carlisle or Sawyer blades will fit in these Cataract shafts, so you can order them with the blades you’re used to.
Warranty is one year with regular use.

Oar length listed includes the blade in the length.


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