Frontier Grates for Pop Up Pit


Quickly and easily convert your Pop-Up Pit into a dutch oven cook station/table.

Forged entirely from 304 stainless steel, the Frontier grates are ready for any weight you might throw at them. By suspending your dutch oven just above the fire mesh, the Frontier grates allow for coals underneath or around the dutch oven so you can keep following your favorite dutch oven recipes. The Ember Guards and grates act as a natural wind break keeping your ash contained and your cooking consistent.

While designed to hold dutch ovens, the Frontier grates can also be used with larger logs when burning a campfire to increase airflow and extended the lifespan of your fire mesh.

The Frontier Grates weigh just 5lbs. and pack into your original Pop-Up Pit carrying case for easy storage.

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Fireside Tip: Dump the hot coals from the lid of your DO into the Pop-Up Pit, toss on a few logs and enjoy your meal next to a roaring campfire.

Kit Includes:

2x V-Grate Locking Rail

4x V-Grates

Not Included: Pop-Up Pit, Dutch Oven, Fire Wood, Drinking Buddies


The Frontier grates should be attached before your first fire. Guide the first V-Grate Locking Rail over the upright poles of the Pop-Up Pit with the cut outs facing the interior of the Pop-Up Pit. Repeat this step for the second locking rail.

Drop the 4 V-grates into the cut outs of the adaptor rails with the peak of the grates facing upwards. (Think like a pyramid)

Light your fire.


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