Main Salmon River

Main Salmon River



Main Salmon River


Waterproof map of the Main Salmon River.

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USFS Main Salmon Guide Details
Welcome to the Salmon River. This guide will assist you with river navigation and offer historical as well as natural history information. There is useful information for trip preparation which will guide you in completing your trip in a safe and enjoyable manner. Along with a list of equipment required for the “wild” section of the river, there is information that will help protect the rivers natural environment. The camp capacity recommendations are identified at medium to low flows, generally the time of peak river use. General repaid descriptions and ratings are provided for the river at medium to low flows. A Forest Service patrol may be on the river intermittently throughout the season. They carry communication equipment may be able to aid you in the event of an emergency or if you need information. Please be aware that the Salmon River requires adequate equipment and considerable skill to navigate safely.
Table of Contents:

Organization of the Map and Guide
The Salmon River
Wild and Scenic River Designation
Permit Information
River Rules and Requirements
River Safety
State Map
Access Map
Designated “Recreation” Section
Designated “Wild” Section
End of the “Wild” Section
Fish and Fishing
Noxious Weeds
Required Equipment List – Wild Segment
Suggested Equipment List

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