NRS Frame Stripping Basket


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The NRS Fishing Frame Stripping Basket integrates with the NRS Thigh Hooks and NRS “Y” Thigh Bar. Now you can strip line while fly fishing without having excess line pile up at your feet.

  • Large size makes it easy to “spaghetti” coil stripped line in the basket.
  • Rugged construction and self-draining mesh ensure years of trouble-free use.
  • A plastic permimeter band ensures the basket holds its shape.
  • When you’re not casting it makes a great place to organize flies and other gear. Just remember to clear it out or you may flip stuff into the drink!
  • Designed for use with the NRS Thigh Hooks and NRS “Y” Thigh Bar and attaches with secure hook-and-loop straps.


Self-draining mesh
Plastic perimeter band
For use with NRS Thigh hooks and NRS “Y” Thigh Bar
Hook-and-loop attachment straps


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