Paddling the Payette by Steve Stuebner


Stephen Stuebner's new edition of “Paddling the Payette”.

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Stephen Stuebner’s new edition of “Paddling the Payette”.This is the “complete flat-water and whitewater guide to the Payette River Basin” and covers some wonderful Idaho whitewater stretches in detail including “The Main” (Class III from Banks to Beehive Bend), “Staircase” (Class IV from Deer Creek to Banks), “The Canyon” (Class IV with portage of Big Falls from Deadwood Campground to Danskin), and “The North Fork” (Continuous Class V from Lower Smith’s Ferry to Banks). The new edition contains updated descriptions of rapids after the big mud slides in 1997 and 2001 that altered the river and eliminated some of the stretches in the prior edition.


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